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#include "common.h"
#include "config.h"
/* #include "upsconf.h" */
#include "dstate.h"
#include "extstate.h"

/* public functions & variables from main.c */
extern const char *progname;
extern char *device_path;
extern const char *device_name;
extern int  upsfd, extrafd, broken_driver, experimental_driver, exit_flag;
extern unsigned int     poll_interval;

/* functions & variables required in each driver */
void upsdrv_initups(void);    /* open connection to UPS, fail if not found */
void upsdrv_initinfo(void);   /* prep data, settings for UPS monitoring */
void upsdrv_updateinfo(void); /* update state data if possible */
void upsdrv_shutdown(void);   /* make the UPS power off the load */
void upsdrv_help(void);       /* tack on anything useful for the -h text */
void upsdrv_banner(void);     /* print your version information */
void upsdrv_cleanup(void);    /* free any resources before shutdown */

/* --- details for the variable/value sharing --- */

/* main calls this driver function - it needs to call addvar */
void upsdrv_makevartable(void);

/* retrieve the value of variable <var> if possible */
char *getval(const char *var);

/* see if <var> has been defined, even if no value has been given to it */
int testvar(const char *var);

/* extended variable table - used for -x defines/flags */
typedef struct {
      int   vartype;    /* VAR_* value, below                */
      char  *var;       /* left side of =, or whole word if none */
      char  *val;       /* right side of =                   */
      char  *desc;            /* 40 character description for -h text    */
      int   found;            /* set once encountered, for testvar()     */
      void  *next;
}     vartab_t;

/* flags to define types in the vartab */

#define VAR_FLAG  0x0001      /* argument is a flag (no value needed) */
#define VAR_VALUE 0x0002      /* argument requires a value setting      */
#define VAR_SENSITIVE   0x0004      /* do not publish in driver.parameter     */

/* callback from driver - create the table for future -x entries */
void addvar(int vartype, const char *name, const char *desc);

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